Welcome to the Junk Drawer! This is the one drawer where things just start to accumulate, and even though you say you'll clean it up and organize it, you just ... never... do.

This also happens to be a place for images of projects that don't fit in with the other categories, but definitely deserve some recognition!


The Endtropy social campaign was a one-man experiment in heading a social campaign, with a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter and oppurtunities to create promotional material (logo, website, etc.)


Miki was one of my first plunges into prop-oriented painting and weathering. Originally a bright orange Nerf gun, the end result looked more like a weathered metal weapon.


My first dive into parametric GIF making using Rhino and Photoshop

Steven Universe Ukulele

I took a ukulele I had and made a skin for it to make it look like a ukulele from the show Steven Universe. I took an image and scaled it to my ukulele and printed it all out on an envelope label sheet, so the colors overlapped with the color of the wood below. It took a while to trim down to size.

Farmers` Market

I made this model as part of a design summer camp at NC State before my senior year of high school. It was my first real architectural model, and we had three hours from assignment introduction to finished model. I got to design through the act of building, one of my favorite ways to design, even though I don't get to use it often.

LARP Emblem

One thing I've discovered is that I really like designing logos, so when I got into LARP, or Live Action RolePlay (Think Dungeons and Dragons meet Renaissance Faire), I had a lot of oppurtunities to make things, including the emblem of the clan I made.


The waffle was a project we made at CMU's pre-college program. Each student made a depthmap with blacks, whites, and grays, and a program translated that into laser-cut surfaces that we pieced together. I still use it to store pens, pencils, business cards and the like.


This was another piece I made during the CMU Pre-College program. It's a combination of different methods of applying a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and charcoal dust. It was used as a wash, brushed, dripped, and splattered on.

Lego Mech

This was a project I had spent a while on with whatever parts I had around. It was designed to the scale of a Lego Microfigure, and was an experiment in greebling, or aplying a bunch of small peices with different textures to add an industrial and mechanical look.