Library Parasite

For the library parastie project, we were given the site of Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon's main library, in which to create more study spaces. Having initially researched the Biblioteca Parafolles, I was already interested in creating a space that engaged a space between the first and basement floors.

The end product Not only engages this interesting space, but adds a billboard of sorts to the Integrative Design Art and Technology program hidden away in the library's basement while staying true to the original unifying language of the building. It is an eddy off the flow of the main walkway in front of the library, and provides a covered area to relax and read, safe from Pittsburgh's frequent rain.

This project was also a time to experiment with my digital skills. I not only started thinking about different mixes of media, like overlaying linework on top of a render, but also looking at how things would be constructed.