In collaboration with

Anthony Ra, Zoe Teoh, and Crystal Xue

Hunt Library Lighting Analysis

The Hunt Library Lighting Analysis project was the first project for Building Physics. As a group, we were given a section of CMU's Hunt Library to simulate and analyze. We had to simulate the conditions of the space in categories like Luminance and Illuminance Analysis, Glare Analysis, and Solar Radiation Analysis. After simulating the space, we combed over our data of Hunt and wrote up a report on our findings, as well as suggestions for improvements to Hunt.

Throughout the project, we had to familiarize ourselves with the DIVA plugin for Rhino 5 and improve our abilities to look at a table of numbers and both understand what we were seeing and compare these values to the building codes for a library.

Hunt Library Thermal Analysis

The Hunt Library Thermal Analysis Project was the second half of Building Physics. With the same part of the library as before, our group simulated and analysed properties like heating and cooling loads and operative temperature. Our group also proposed alternate designs for the glazings that would outperform Hunt Library's current fins. At the end, our findings were put into a report.

Once again, we used the DIVA plugin for Rhino 5, but additionally used the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino and Climate Consultant 6.0.